Born to Run: Tips for Beginner Runners

Born to Run: Tips for Beginner Runners

As gyms have been closed for "day whatever we are on of quarantine", many people have been taking to running to stay in shape and combat their mental health. We sat down with Thunder Cross Country Running & Indoor Track Coach, Matt Norminton, to get his tips for starting to run, help you reach your goals, avoid injuries, and keep you feeling good.

Check out this advice from Coach Norminton for beginner runners:

  1. Start small but be consistent.
    •  Aim for 20-30 minutes, 3-5 times a week.  If you need to, start with a 1 minute run, alternating with a 1 minute walk, and then gradually increase the run time until you can do 20 minutes consecutively.
  2. Run easy. 
    • The biggest mistake most beginner runners make is trying to run too hard too soon.  Don't worry about speed or distance covered, focus on keeping it easy and running for time.  As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to hold a conversation for your easy runs. Your speed/pace will naturally increase as you get fitter, but don't force it.
  3. Soft surfaces are better
    • Try to run on grass or soft trails if you can.  The roads and sidewalks can be tough on the joints if you are just starting up running.
  4. Good shoes. 
    • Go to a run specialty store (like the Running Room) to get properly fitted for running shoes.  Your body will thank you.

Track your progress and we will have Coach Norminton back in the future with a new workout to keep you in shape!

(Photo Credit: sporlab on Unsplash)