Parks and Recreation Spaces are open!!

Parks and Recreation Spaces are open!!

In Edmonton outdoor recreation spaces have opened. Most playgrounds, skateparks, tennis, pickleball, volleyball and basketball courts, disc golf, outdoor fitness parks and athletic tracks in the City of Edmonton have reopened. Since May 22 when the parks opened, people have not been following AHS guidelines and have since been closed. Please follow all the necessary guidelines to remain safe and healthy.

The General Public Health Guidelines are as follows:

  • Gather in a group less than 50 people
  • Maintain 2 meters from others not in my household or cohort
  • Only share common equipment with my household or cohort
  • Stay home if I am experiencing symptoms (go home if I develop symptoms)
  • Was or sanitize my hands and cough/sneeze into my elbow or a tissue
  • Disinfect equipment before and after use

Follow the link to see specific guidelines for each recreational space.

This Weeks Workouts!

Monday Ab Workout

  • 30 seconds Dead Bug
  • 30 seconds Heel Touches
  • 30 seconds Russian Twists
  • 30 seconds Scissor Kicks
  • 30 seconds left and right, Side plank
  • 1 minutes of crunches

Take a 30 second break in between each exercise and repeat the sequence 3 times! Good Luck and Have Fun!

Exercise Descriptions

  • Dead Bug
    • lay on back, knees at 90 degrees, arms reaching up to the ceiling touch opposite knee to hand
  • Heel Touches
    • Lay on back knees bent, lift shoulders off the ground and reach for the heels
  • Russian Twists
    • balancing on sits bones, knees at 90 degrees twist side to side
  • Scissor Kicks
    • laying on back, legs straight, alternate lifting off the ground
  • 30 seconds left and right, Side plank
    • From a traditional plank shift weight to the   left or right balancing on the hand and foot. The hips, shoulders, and feet must be stacked
  • Crunches
    • Laying on back knees bent feet on the ground lift shoulders off the ground reaching for the ceiling.


This week we challenge you to participate in Self Care!

  • Take a photo of yourself participating in self-care, whatever that may look like.
  • Post it on social media and tag @cuedmonton.
  • Don’t forget to hashtag #cuewellness, #cuestaysactive, #wegotthis
  • Every post will be an entry into the Thunder Athletics Prize Pack.
  • Self-Care Ideas
    • Go for a walk, have a bath, listen to some calming music, treat yourself (everything in moderation)


Whole Body Weekend Workout


  • Jump Squats
  • Small Arm Circles
  • Lunges
  • Triceps Dips
  • Single Leg Calf Raises
  • Push-ups

Complete each exercise 10 times, repeating the set 3 times


Photo by Silvia Fang on Unsplash