ACAC Esports Tournament: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

ACAC Esports Tournament: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

This event is the first ever eSports virtual event conducted on behalf of the ACAC, in its movement towards including eSports as one of the sponsored ACAC sports. Working with AESA, to gauge the interest of ACAC students across the province.

Game to be played:

Super Smash Brother Ultimate on Nintendo Switch


2:00 PM - Opening Ceremony 
2:00 PM - Round Robin Pools (Groups Stage)
3:30 PM - Concordia vs NAIT Exhibition
4:30 PM - Top 8

How to register (date to register by):

Registration open: Nov. 2, 2020

Registration closes: Nov. 18, 2020

Players can register at

Players must be a full time student registered in at least 9 credits and must have permission to compete for their institution. Please contact Thunder Director of Athletics & Recreation Joel Mrak at

Cost to Register:

Free to ACAC member students registered in a minimum of 9 credits.

How to play:

All games are scheduled, coordinated and scored through AESA's discord,

Online rules

General Rules